3 Oregon Concert Shooting Victims Discovered To Be Rap Artists On The Bill

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Eugene, OR – A concert shooting at WOW Hall in Eugene, Oregon on Friday (January 14) sent six people to the hospital, with at least one in critical condition. The show featured rap artists Lil Bean and Zay Bang as well as several other local acts. According to the Associated Press, the victims include some of the artists who were on the bill.

They’ve been identified as Aaleigha Mechelle Tynan, 25, of Eugene; Richard Daniel Lemmon, 26, of Pendleton; Reyshaun Dominique-Joseph Supuni, 30, of Pendleton; Tristin C. Vanblokland, 26, of Pendleton; Priscila Wavaline Camarena, 21, of Pendleton; and Jason Jamell Smith, 25, of San Francisco. Three of them — Lemmon, Supuni and Vanblokland — traveled from Pendleton to perform Friday night under the monikers Backwood Frankie, Spoon and King MAG, respectively.

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Police spokeswoman Melinda McLaughlins said as of Tuesday (January 17), police had no new descriptions of the suspect who remains at large. Police previously described the suspect as a young male wearing a hoodie and armed with a handgun.

“There has been some cooperation, which is greatly appreciated,” McLaughlins. “But having a healthy level of solid tips and cooperation is what is going to help investigators.”

Remembering Those We Lost In 2021

Not long after the incident, the Eugene Police Department issued a tweet that read, “Shots fired at WOW Hall, five people transported to local hospital. Reports came in at 9:29 p.m. reports of multiple shots fired at WOW Hall, 219 W. 8th Avenue. EPD & multiple law enforcement agencies responded, along with Eugene Springfield Fire.”

One of the artists on the bill, Savelle Tha Native, described the scene as “wild” in a Facebook Live video as he wrestled to wrap his head around what he’d just witnessed.

“Four of my people got dropped,” he says in the clip. “They started shooting at the show. Dawg, I can’t grasp it. I cannot grasp it. We was on the back porch, we was smoking, we was doing our thing, it was cool … we go inside, we tryna tell everybody we about to go on stage, then ‘bow bow bow bow bow.’ Gunshots … we go out back and there’s blood everywhere. There’s blood everywhere, dawg. We good, we good. We were 15 seconds away from not being good.”

Fortunately, all shooting victims are either in stable condition or out of the hospital.