Big Boi’s Custom Trailer Puts Some Houses To Shame

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Many people might not know that Big Boi has long maintained a lucrative side hustle of providing celebrities with lavish trailers, but rarely has the former OutKast member given fans a look inside.

That all changed on Tuesday (June 21), when Big Boi took to Instagram to show off one of his latest creations, and it frankly put many modern-day homes to shame.

Right off the bat, a full kitchen area can be seen with a four-burner stove and mini-fridge, along with a massive plasma flatscreen embedded on the wall. Beneath the TV is a fireplace, and a lounge area is located across from the fireplace with multiple massage chairs. Big Boi then shows off the bathroom, which includes a full shower.


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According to the Celebrity Trailers website, Big Boi established the company alongside Janice Faison Ahmed in 2009 and has provided luxury trailers for countless celebrities ever since.

Aside from his numerous business ventures outside of Hip Hop, Big Boi also scored a massive endorsement from in January. The Grammy-award winner shared a Twitter clip announcing his new advertising deal with, and showcased a new ad he’s featured in extensively.

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Big Boi’s 2003 single “I Like The Way You Move” plays in the background of the 30-second clip, which finds the ATLien loitering around a new home a couple purchased and dubbed their “first Big Boi house.”

Big Boi gives a tour of the different areas of the house, shouting out, “Big Boi kitchen, Big Boi waterfall shower, you got Big Boi vaulted ceilings, Big Boi crawl space, Big Boi school districts, Big Boi hidden closet, Big Boi DIY, Big Boi sold sign, Big Boi log,” etc. It’s a hilarious advertisement that marks the rapper’s first step into the world of advertising.

Between this ad and his Celebrity Trailers hustle, it seems business is booming for Big Boi.

Check out the advertisement below.