Big Sean Says Babyface Ray Is Next Out Of Detroit

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Big Sean is undeniably one of the biggest Hip Hop talents to ever come out of Detroit, so needless to say his co-sign carries significant weight within the Motor City. Sean Don was caught on Instagram hanging out with budding Detroit talent Babyface Ray, and deemed the rapper the “chosen” one, saying he’s next up for the throne.

“I feel like that’s one of the reasons he’s you know he’s chosen,” Sean said while standing next to Ray and his entourage at an event. “It’s like he pulled the sword out of the motherfuckin stone you know what I mean? King Arthur, you know what I mean? And that happens only once every decade, once every other decade every thirty, forty years so it’s like you gotta understand how special it is.”


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Big Sean’s high praise comes as no surprise considering how closely the Grammy-nominated rapper has worked with Babyface Ray this past year. Last July the pair were spotted cooking something up in Hit-Boy’s Los Angeles studio, which ended up being the trio’s track “It Ain’t My Fault.” But admittedly their relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing. After releasing his Face album in 2022, Babyface eviscerated Sean for ghosting his collaboration request on the track “Richard Flair.”

“Got all the connections that I needed, you in trouble now/Big Sean hit a n-gga line, say he wanna work/Cut the line, FaceTimed my n-gga, say he out of work,” he raps.

Well, it seems the pair worked it out because Babyface had nothing but good things to say of Sean in an interview with Complex.

He continued, “Big Sean showed mad love. I had met him before in high school. It’s crazy, he probably didn’t even know I rap. I was shooting dice and they was shooting videos. Then a couple years later we were in the studio working, and that’s how that went.”