DYLI "backseat, Pt. 2”

DYLI ‘s Latest Release “backseat, Pt. 2” Continues Her Saga Of Love & Friendship

Emerging R&B and hip-hop talent, DYLI, introduces listeners to her latest single, “backseat, Pt. 2.” Building upon her 2020 track, “backseat,” this new song explores the intricacies of transitioning from friendship to romance, where desires and uncertainties intertwine. In part two, an entirely fresh and profound significance unfolds as it narrates the story of a relationship that flourishes from that special bond.

DYLI uncovers a captivating dimension in these two songs by skillfully crafting distinct stories that adapt to different listening approaches. Born from separate writing sessions, both tracks hold profound personal significance for the artist, mirroring her own life experiences, which contributes to their magnetic appeal.  Her goal revolves around creating music that deeply resonates with the audience, inviting them to discover their own stories within the sounds she creates.

Recently, DYLI has been immersed in the studio, diligently crafting new music. Looking back on the past year, she recognizes substantial artistic growth, igniting her enthusiasm for the forthcoming releases. Although DYLI has discovered her present artistic niche in blending hip-pop and R&B, her adventurous spirit continues to embrace the exploration of various genres and styles, fostering an ever-evolving artistic journey.

From the age of eleven, CA’s remarkable up-and-coming talent has thrived in the spotlight, enchanting audiences with singles like “Package & Deliver,” “New Bag,” “backseat, Pt. 2,” “Pretty Brown Hair,” and “LOE.” Imbued with passion and a visionary spirit, DYLI has etched her indelible mark in the industry, promising to fly to soaring heights. With her endless tapestry of versatility and artistic finesse, she fearlessly delivers narratives, unraveling the complexities of human connections.

Listen to “backseat, Pt. 2” below: