Enjoy The “Fireworks” By Lux Beauregard

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If you wonder how to make a debut epic, just check Owensboro, KY-based Indie-pop singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard‘s debut single “Fireworks,” get the chills, experience the emotional fireworks it will give you, and let’s see what makes the track so intriguing. The young artist perfectly mixes different pop, indie, and rock elements into a unique soundscape that can already be confidently defined as her signature sound. She not only musically mixes the genres and their vibes but her vocals also show her talent of being able to perform in any given genre. Her voice has no barriers, and with the release of “Fireworks,” she clearly demonstrates her freedom in any musical dimension. Her energy is floating with intimacy, sensuality, and indescribably pure holiness at the same time. The resonance that she creates is infinitely atmospheric and draws you into the song easily.