Hitchin’ It to Heaven Artist Dean the Dream Reveals Why He Is Enthralled With Rock Music

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Brendan Alpiner, professionally known as Dean the Dream has made quite the buzz with his  latest album Hitchin’ It To Heaven. Reshaping the Psychedelic and Funk Rock scene, the 7-track record includes songs like “Changes,” “Dying Staying Alive,” “Kiss Me Kill Me,” and the lead single “Goodbye, Danny.” 

Written and composed by Dean the Dream, the recent LP reflects the avant-garde musician’s inner thoughts and emotions. Alpiner just does what feels right regardless of label or title or genre, “I think it’s funny that my music’s been called everything from “experimental” to “psychedelic” to “grunge” to “avant-garde to “folk;” I’ve never really cared about what the genre is, but I love hearing what it’s perceived to be.”

The talented singer-songwriter doesn’t run away from his true self the way his predecessors have done. In fact, the reason he was absolutely taken by the rock genre is because he was attracted to its “sense of freedom and expression.” Dean the Dream explains that “the stories and characters that appear throughout rock history are just fascinating and wonderful. When I didn’t feel as though I belonged, the rock world gave me people who made me feel more seen.”

The Detroit-born poet brings a fresh new perspective to the ‘70s Psychedelic genre by incorporating Blues, Grunge, and Old School Rock & Roll together. With Hitchin’ It To HeavenDean the Dream reaffirms his lyricism, musicality, and artistry. 

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