Kanye West & Nick Cannon Respond To R&B Legend Stephanie Mills' 'Paid Distractions' Comment

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Earlier this month, legendary R&B songstress Stephanie Mills made a video calling out both Kanye West and Nick Cannon after Cannon openly supported Kanye’s Presidential aspirations.

When the two men got the chance to sit down at Kanye’s Wyoming ranch to record an episode of Cannon’s podcast over the weekend, they offered up their respective responses. Seemingly more perturbed by Mills’ comments than his counterpart, Cannon noted he “loved [Mills] dearly” when bringing up what she’d said.

“They’ve called both of us coons,” Cannon says in a preview he teased to Instagram. “They’ve called us crazy. They called us all of these names. Like I saw somebody I love dearly, Stephanie Mills, said that you and I are paid slaves playing with our toys and we need to take our toys and go back home.”

Kanye made it clear he’s not being paid to be a distraction for the Democratic party, despite the persistent rumors.

“My last name’s a slave name,” he said. “Where at home exactly, Stephanie? People keep on saying, ‘I think that you and Republicans are in cahoots.’ Bro, can’t nobody pay me! I got more money than Trump!”

Cannon then noted he doesn’t want Trump in office and asked Kanye point-blank whether he thought winning was realistic. His response was ambiguous at best.

“I’m not running for President, I’m walking.”

Mills’ comments arrived earlier this month after TMZ posted a video of Cannon supporting Kanye’s run.

“I love it!” Cannon said in the August 7 clip. “Yeah. We need another black man in power.”

When the cameraman mentioned that voting for Kanye basically means you’re giving Trump another vote, he was undeterred.

“You never know, man,” he replied. “Stranger things have happened in 2020.”

In her video, Mills was sympathetic to Kanye’s battle with mental health, but condemned him for being a distraction during a critical time.

“First I know that Kanye is suffering mentally,” she began. “I know that he’s swinging high and low and I really pray and hope that he gets help. But I must say that I’m disappointed because if he’s trying to help our community by running for President – it’s not helping out our community. He’s not qualified to be President. Neither is the person that’s in the White House at this time. But Kanye is a distraction and we’re living in some really, really trying times where we don’t need distractions. What we need is for Kanye to get help, to get on medication, to see a therapist and get help.”

She then turned to Cannon, confused at his support after seeing and speaking to him not too long ago.

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“I don’t understand it,” she said. “Kanye is being paid to do what he’s doing. Now are we to believe that you’re also being paid to be a distraction? You guys are acting like little boys in a sandbox with toys, but being that you’re acting like that, as a mother I would like to say take your toys, go home and sit down and get help. Get therapy. Nick, you should know better because you’ve learned and listened to the teachings.”

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At the moment, Kanye will only be on voting ballots in the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah and Vermont. He’s currently in the process of suing Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose after the official rejected the paperwork and signatures he’d submitted to be an independent candidate.