Lil Xan Abandons Tour Over Opening Act 'Taking Advantage' Of Him: 'Have Fun On Your Fuck Lil Xan Tour'

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Lil Xan was seemingly looking forward to getting back on the road as part of the Born Dead Tour, but apparently there was more going on behind the scenes that have brought his plans to a screeching halt. According to an Instagram post from the 25-year-old rapper, a dispute between himself and opening act Dropout Kings has caused Lil Xan to drop out of the tour.

As Lil Xan explained in the post, “I dropped off the tour because your management and booking agents were taking advantage of me. Your team dropped the ball. Your team did not have any accommodations or travel or anything a tour should.

“U just wanted to promote ur homies under my name and we tried to work it out but your team is obviously new at this. If you guys were smart you wouldn’t burn bridges like that and act like you guys had the tour even planned right but have fun on your fuck lil xan tour.”

Lil Xan was expected to go on a 17-date run with VVIZARD KING, Rosh Dawg and Saving Vice as well as Dropout Kings. But Xan claims their unprofessionalism dashed any chance of him joining the lineup.

He continued in the caption, “S/0 @dropoutkingsaz have a great ‘fuck lil xan tour.’ I know you guys are new to this and I’m pretty sure you should talk with your booking agent Ashley on how bad she fucked the tour up for me and my team! But have fun on the tour fellaz.

“My next tour is for my fans only not yours. wanna give them better openers and more Xanarchy. On top of that I just got out of rehab 2/3 months ago and wanna stay focused on my sobriety and a tour might damage that! But no, y’all team didn’t care as long as they made their money.”

Lil Xan Says He’s ’40 Days Clean’ After 30 Days At Weed-Friendly Rehab Owned By Producer Scott Storch

As Xan mentioned, he did recently complete a 30-day stint at a weed-friendly rehab owned by producer Steve Storch. Early last month, TMZ caught up with Lil Xan at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood and asked how sobriety was going to which he replied, “I just got out of rehab about a month and a half ago. I’m 40 days clean. You know Scott Storch? He has a rehab called The Heavenly Center, and it’s a rehab where you can actually smoke weed.

“It helped out a lot because I’m a big pothead. So I just finished 30 days at the detox center and then 30 days there. It was a blessing. I’m finally sober for once in my fucking life. It feels really good, it feels really good, man.”