Logic Says 'Confessions' Album Was A 'Social Experiment': 'I’ve Never Actually Admitted This'

Logic has revealed his 2019 album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind was a “social experiment.” During a Twitter Q&A with fans on Sunday (May 22), he claimed he created the project as satire to prove that a controversial album gets people talking.

When a fan asked about the existence of a Confessions of a Dangerous Mind side B, he replied, “No but the funny thing is people didn’t realize it was a satyrical social experiment lololol I win and to this day the numbers show it is my most popular album proving my point.”

He added, “Make a controversial album and people talk. I’ve never actually admitted this lol.”

Many rap fans were quick to respond to Logic’s tweet, accusing him of being “pretentious” and calling Confessions of a Dangerous Mind a “bad album.”

“Dumbest thing I’ve seen today respectfully,” one person wrote. “Makes absolutely no sense and comes off wildly pretentious.”

Another said, “People didn’t ‘realize’ that because it’s just a bad album. How did you make a bad project ‘on purpose’ for a ‘social experiment’ and then proceed to continue doing it.”

“‘I made the album ass intentionally’ isn’t something Logic should be allowed to say bc he hasn’t proven that he can make a good album intentionally,” another person tweeted.

Released through Def Jam, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind dropped in May 2019 with features from Eminem, Will Smith, Gucci Mane, G-Eazy, Wiz Khalifa and YBN Cordae. The project debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with roughly 80,000 total album-equivalent units in its first week, making it his third LP to top the chart.

Speaking about the album ahead of its release, Logic told Hollywood Life, “Fans can expect references to social media, that is a big thing. Because I think social media is amazing. I think it is awesome and I wouldn’t be here without social media but at the same time, it can be a negative place man. It’s a place where people want to say hurtful things whether you’re famous or not or this and that and bully you…and it has even made me sad.”

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He continued, “Imagine thousands of people are talking trash about you right now. That is kind of a sad thing. So, I talk about where we are and where we are headed and where hopefully we can end up as far as peace goes, and dealing with that. There is some dope ass raps on there too!”

Logic recently announced his new album Vinyl Days is set to be released on June 17, with his collaborative Wiz Khalifa tour also scheduled to begin on July 27.