Ma$e Doubles Down On Diddy Comments In True Pastor Fashion

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Ma$e has shared another video addressing Diddy’s recent comments on The Breakfast Club about him being a “fake pastor” who owes $3 million.

In a five-minute clip titled “Thank You For Not Believing” that was uploaded to his YouTube page on Thursday (October 6), the Harlem rapper doubled down on his initial response to Puff’s allegations, telling fans: “I know what I said was right.”

Ma$e fired back at Diddy’s remarks in a series of Instagram videos earlier this week, in which he brought up Puffy’s mother and claimed she owns the “receipts” that purportedly prove the Bad Boy boss didn’t steal money from his artists.

This latest video found Murda Mase tapping back into pastor mode and invoking various Bible passages while slamming Diddy’s allegedly shady business tactics.

“The thing that’s really stirring up so much confusion is for years, these guys have organized a mass effort to slander my name behind the scenes, so every time I say something, you’re just seeing my part because their part is behind the scenes,” he said. “But I want you to know I’m up for it. I’m anointed to dethrone evil.

“If you see me being aggressive, it’s because I know no weapon formed against me shall prosper. But isn’t it sad that that’s the only part of [Isaiah 54:17] people understand? The very next statement in that scripture … says: ‘And if any man or any tongue rises up against you, you shall refute it.’ And that’s what I did. I pulled it down because I knew it wasn’t the truth.”

Ma$e later revealed he attempted to reach out to Diddy alongside R&B producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and also asked Diddy’s bishop to mediate a sit-down between the two of them, but his request was turned down.

“I went through every step on how to deal with Puff,” he continued. “Number one, I went to him as a brother when things were not right. Secondly, I went to him with a witness, that was Rodney Jerkins — like the Bible says, if you don’t get it right with him, go back to him with a witness.

“The third thing it tells us to do is go to the church, bring it before the elders. I reached out to his bishop; his bishop declined to mediate the situation. So I just went to step number four, which is mark him as a publican and have nothing to do with them. And that’s what I did lyrically.”

Ma$e added: “I’m up for all the smoke he has to bring. Puff can’t beat me at anything. Anything. And he knows that. And I’m up for the challenge.”

Ma$e Explains His ‘Disdain’ For Diddy & Claims He Came Up With ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’

Diddy’s Breakfast Club interview aired Wednesday morning (October 5) and found the 52-year-old dissing Ma$e while attempting to clear his name over long-standing allegations of him withholding money from his Bad Boy artists.

“I did one album with Ma$e! One album! How much money do you think I owe this guy?” he said. “One album, and then he became a fake pastor? And went and conned people? And then y’all gon’ let him throw dirt on the god’s name?

“Ma$e owes me $3 million. That’s facts, I got the receipt. Did the [second] album, never delivered. And I’m not going to go back and forth with Ma$e, I’m not going back and forth with nobody. I’ma speak up for myself now.”