New Jersey Firefighter Channels Wu-Tang Clan For COVID-19 Diss Track

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HipHopDX Premiere – A 41-year-old New Jersey firefighter is tapping into his love for Wu-Tang Clan in an effort to relieve some of the COVID-19 stress in his community.

Michael Sarno, who’s also an EMT and Afghanistan combat veteran, took it upon himself to remake the Wu’s 1992 classic “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin To Fuck With” and switch up the lyrics to reflect what people are going through during the current coronavirus pandemic. Every day, he has to witness the devastating effects COVID-19 has on the Belleville township where he works.

“I am on the frontlines,” Sarno tells HipHopDX. “I am a firefighter, not a rapper and I see how this virus has affected my community. I want to support our first responders and boost morale while we continue to help those in need. I grew up listening Wu-Tang and they always had a positive impact in my world. I wanted to show love to the Wu while championing our first responders.

He adds, “Wu-Tang’s music has always brought people together and that is what I hope to accomplish with this song.”

The visual for the song, which is officially called “#CovidCalls,” begins with a disclaimer: “This video is dedicated to all first responders & their families who selflessly put themselves at risk during the coronavirus pandemic.” 

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From there, Sarno is filmed posted up at his firehouse where he starts spitting, “The Wuhan virus ain’t nuthin’ to be stuck with/There’s no place to hide when we step inside the room/Boys in blue, prepare for this doom and damn, we’ll scram to ya fam, yes ma’am.”

His crew then springs into action while representing the Wu to the fullest. The video was directed by veteran MC William Cooper, Sarno himself, SloppyVinyl and Gennaro Ilaria.

Watch it up top.