Newcomer Ola Runt Thinks Atlanta Hip Hop Is Fake

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The city of Atlanta has been the center of the Hip Hop world for over 20 years now and it doesn’t seem to be loosening its grip. The long list of legendary rappers who hail from the city, the innovative production that changed the way Hip Hop sounds and the camaraderie amongst its artists are some of the reasons why Atlanta is currently the mecca of Hip Hop. However, things may not be what they seem according to Atlanta upstart Ola Runt. When it comes to Atlanta and it’s Hip Hop culture, Ola Runt says it’s all fake.

During his conversation with HipHopDX, the East Atlanta native shed some light on what’s happening in the city, saying everything we see on television or social media is not the real Atlanta.

“I just see what people don’t see because I’m really from the city, I’m really from Atlanta,” Ola Runt told HipHopDX. “A lot of them people who you all be thinking from Atlanta is not from Atlanta. It’s niggas from the outskirts who be dick riding niggas from Atlanta. That makes it look like everybody be together but shit isn’t like that. That be some cap shit.”

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To the public eye, Atlanta rappers managed to keep the peace, and with that, the city flourished in terms of becoming the main hub in Hip Hop culture. Unlike their counterparts in New York who seem to always conflict with each other, Atlanta rappers and producers were able to build the city up and sustain its two-decade-long dominance.

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But according to Ola, the authenticity of Atlanta seems to be lacking as he feels all the buddying up between rappers and producers makes the city look lame. When asked what he thinks will bring credibility back to the city, Ola says his raw and unconventional style of rap is going to bring the real back, and he’s sure of it.

“I feel like I got the whole shit in my palm right now. They got to hear me, you know what I’m saying? They have no choice,” said Ola on his rise through Atlanta’s Hip Hop scene. “I feel like I don’t really need no help from any of those niggas in Atlanta. Even the Atlanta rappers who really didn’t try to help me when I was grinding, don’t reach out to me now. I ain’t give a fuck now because I’m going to be on they ass and I ain’t letting up.”

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When asked about his feelings towards his peers and how he finds a way to stand out given the fact that people like to group Atlanta artists, the “Feel Like Guwop” rapper said he doesn’t need or want any help. He revealed a lot of them are in his DMs but he looks past them believing the only way to be the top dog in Atlanta is to do things on your own.

“They follow me, or they don’t even follow me, but they be all over my views and shit so that shit just be weird, you know what I’m saying? To me it be weird. That shit don’t be like that with me,” he explained. “I’m just showing, coming from Atlanta, that you don’t need features to be popping. I show them folk that I don’t need nobody on my song.”

“I don’t need none of you niggas on my song. My shit different and I’m different,” he added confidently. “And my shit hot and I have something to say. And I’m really living like that because I just be putting my life into the music and I got fans from it by myself.”

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