Soulja Boy Says The OGs 'Failed' The Younger Generation: 'That's Why They Out Here Going Crazy'

No matter how many feuds Soulja Boy has started, the rapper has never shied away from sharing his thoughts, no matter how controversial. The “Crank That” rapper has previously beefed with some of rap’s biggest legends over comments he’s made, including Ice T and Kanye West, and in a recent live stream said his problem with OG’s over the years mostly stems from them not paying it forward.

“Don’t get it fucked up, you gotta work hard, you know what I’m saying?” Soulja said on his IG livestream on Monday (May 30). “I feel like in a way the motherfucking game failed us because they’re not kicking back enough knowledge to the young n-ggas. They not telling the youngin’s how to get no money, they not tellin n-ggas how to go out and run up some bands. That’s why my youngin’s out here going crazy. Airing shit out, spinning shit. Cause I feel like they failed us in a way.”

He continued, “All the OG’s you supposed to be kicking knowledge, y’all supposed to be kicking game to the young n-ggas so they really running up a bankroll. And that’s the problem I’m trying to tell you bro like, n-ggas look back and be like where did this n-gga go wrong or what happened? I’m like y’all not kicking back no knowledge to the young n-ggas.”


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This isn’t the first time Soulja Boy has expressed disappointment in the rap OG’s. He recently shared some thoughts on Kanye West and his ex-wife’s new beau Pete Davidson, comments Ye didn’t take kindly to.

“Don’t bring up me or my wife no more,” Ye wrote to Soulja in a text message that Big Draco screenshotted and posted to Instagram.

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Draco replied, “Or what n-gga? N-gga you lame as fuck. I speak on what I want to. Go get your bitch back.” Kanye quickly switched topics and said, “I need to send you this stem player. You was the first to break YouTube. Need that Donda 2 verse.”

The 31-year-old rapper clarified that he and Kanye had since worked out their disagreement.

“Don’t think I’m against him,” he wrote on Instagram “He spoke, we got figure it out. We both two smart individuals chasing out dreams. We both act lil crazy sometimes but we know what we doing. It’s all love never get it confused.”