Tory Lanez Likes Instagram Post That Justifies Him Shooting Megan Thee Stallion

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Tory Lanez went radio silent following the July 12 incident in which he allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion. The Canadian artist hasn’t posted to Instagram or Twitter since the shooting.

On Saturday (August 22), The Shade Room shared a recent post from former NFL running back Larry Johnson who attributed Megan’s shooting to her own decision making.

“Ladies, if you date a man who coined the term ‘Demon Time,’ and you get shot by him during Demon Hours, be accountable for YOUR stupidity #toreylanez,” Johnson wrote.

Naturally, Johnson’s comments were ravaged by Twitter users as they quickly reminded him of his previous domestic violence issues and arrests. Once The Shade Room shared them, thousands of individuals liked the post — including Lanez himself.

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It appears #ToryLanez Instagram account liked the post where former NFL player #LarryJohnson tweeted his opinion on the #MeganTheStallion and #ToryLanez situation 👀👀 (SWIPE)

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It’s uncertain whether Lanez liked the post due to the fact of social media dragging Johnson for voicing his opinion on the shooting or if Lanez was co-signing Johnson’s beliefs.

T.I. Tells Tory Lanez He Needs To Speak Up Following Megan Thee Stallion’s Confession

Since Megan’s revelation on Thursday (August 20), a few individuals have voiced their concern with the subsequent reactions. Chance The Rapper was among the first to stand up for Megan, hoping she received retribution in regards to the incident.

T.I. took it a step further, demanding Lanez speak publicly on the incident to understand what happened fully.

“How the fuck you shoot a girl?” Tip said. “In a bikini? What the fuck? That’s crazy. That shit’s unacceptable. I’m not saying she would lie. I’m not callin’ anybody a liar. I’m just sayin’, I can’t imagine — that shit is unimaginable… I don’t have no words. I just waitin’ on the whole story. I need to hear everything. Him shooting her? That’s preposterous.”

He added, “Man, Tory, you need to say somethin’, bruh. C’mon, clear this — you need to say something, bruh. You gon’ have to speak to this. I’ll be honest with you, you gotta lot of fans, lot of supporters, lot of people who stood with you, stood next to you, do music with you … you gotta say something, bruh. This shit lookin’ bad!”