Trap Manny Calls Cap On Lil Tjay’s Escapade Through The Bronx

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Trap Manny is calling Lil Tjay’s alleged bluff after the State Of Emergency rapper said he’d been to the Bronx looking for A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. Video of his supposed venture to Highbridge surfaced online earlier this week.

“Come outside nigga,” Tjay says in the clip. “What the fuck you talkin ’bout nigga?”

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#LilTjay done pulled up to #aboogie hood after all Drama Online ?? Thoughts? Gone TOO FAR? Or nah?

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But Manny quickly replied to the video, claiming Tjay was in the safest place possible and nowhere near Highbridge.

“You was in fuckin’ Yankee Stadium in police central, about three precincts. What the fuck you talkin’ bout nigga? You wasn’t in Highbridge. Why you tryna post your location like you was in Highbridge? You was not in Highbridge nigga. You was on top of the underpass. Why you ain’t go underneath? Fuck you talkin’ bout? Stop that bullshit … should be outside lookin’ for your moms ’cause she smoke bracks, don’t she?”

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?NIGHA U WAS IN YANKEE ? ‼️‼️ YOU LOOKN FOR DEREK JETER ????‍♂️ N IF IT WASNT 4 HER U WOULDNT B???? @liltjay STOP YA ?LILBOY‼️‼️‼️ ?SHEEEEESSSSHHHHH‼️‼️‼️‼️ -✝️????️ Ⓜ️?️♑️♑️?? #trapmannyhbtl #highbridgethelabel #nighassayingtheyoutside #shesmokebrack? #dontshe??? #auntieauntie?? #lilbjaytrippingagain #yankeestadium #newmusiccomin? #hbtlvol2coming? #intrapwetrustcoming?

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The drama between Highbridge The Label artists Don Q, Manny and A Boogie popped off on May 2 after Tjay dissed A Boogie in an Instagram post.

After allegedly flying out Rubi Rose for his birthday without paying for her return flight, Tjay shared a video clip to his account and wrote, “FUCK ALL THAT OTHER SHIT GOING ON RN SHIT IRRELEVANT. ONLY THING I KNOW IS IM SHUTTING THE STREETS DOWN FROM NOW ON IM THE KING OF NY !! ALL THAT OTHER NA NA NA SHIT ND SNITCH RAINBOW HAIR SHIT GOING ON IN MY CITY A DUBB!


Lil Tjay Gets His A Boogie, Don Q & Trap Manny ‘Apology’ Rejected

Consequently, Q, Manny and A Boogie fired back and an online beef waged on. On Monday (May 4), Tjay attempted to issue an apology for his behavior but was quickly shut down. 

Tjay’s timing is particularly interesting considering State of Emergency drops on Friday (May 8).