ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: BIG STEILO – “Critical” – “Trenches”

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Today, we are excited to share with our audience the music of an extremely talented artist, rapper, and songwriter;  Big Steilo. He recently made the headlines with the release of two new joints, “Critical,” and “Trenches.” While the first track is more of an introspective joint about his personal development and how it took him time to overcome certain illusions, whether about the his entourage of the time that turned out to be traitors, or how his solitude felt at times, the latter is a track about his rise from bottom to top, a classic theme he interprets with a brilliant mindset and equally powerful verse deliveries. The wordsmith is going stronger by the day, proving his versatility regarding the topics addressed in his unique sound, as he offers a genre-defying sonic experience to the rap culture, straight outta Saint Louis.