Artist Of The Month: KatchUp – “Vini”

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We picked Haitian-American DJ-Producer KatchUp as our artist of the month, and we are happy to present this talented human being who has been working hard creating, recording, and sharing his brand new song, “Vini.” 

In a recent interview with Records On Repeat, KatchUp said “I can only hope 2021 is better, I hope to be able to perform my song in front of my fans and I continue to push my music and help people better understand and fall in love with my movement.” The movement he envisioned is ‘Ayimove’ a blend of Kompa, a modern form of merengue Reggaeton, Soca, an offshoot of Kaiso/Calypso, with influences from East Indian rhythms and hooks, and Pop.

Inspired by the global Afrobeat phenomenon, KatchUp ambitions to have a similar trajectory for ‘Ayimove,’ his way of helping develop and promote Haitian culture internationally. 

KatchUp explains, “I saw the impact Afrobeats had on all listeners including me and how much the genre grew over the years, that is what inspired me to create ‘Ayimove.’ I want the same movement for Haitian music. My trip to Haiti in 2019 was the extra push I needed to finally finish ‘Vini’, the people, my family, the vibe of the country, their food, and listening to songs that I do not normally hear in the U.S. was the extra push I needed to finish ‘Vini’.”

Get familiar with “Vini” below: