Behind The Scenes With Conducta, JGrrey

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Conducta and JGrrey bring the energy on new single ‘Time’.

Out new, it’s a fantastic single, one that hits that balancing point between club flavours and soulful songwriting, advancing the producer’s NUKG approach in the process.

The bouncy 2-step rhythms are set against 2k20 elements, with Conducta continually pushing against nostalgia to uncover fresh elements.

JGrrey’s infectious vocal lifts the song to a higher place, with her R&B influences intersecting perfectly with those rapid-fire snares.

A club bumper to lift out spirits as winter descends, ‘Time’ comes equipped with a snazzy new video that features both artists.

We’ve nabbed some behind the scenes pix – check those out up top, and find the video below.

Photo Credit: Jack Johnson