Charli XCX’s Surprise Brooklyn Appearance Had A Huge Crowd And Someone Smearing Shit On Her Mural During The Livestream

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On Thursday, Charli XCX performed a surprise event in Brooklyn to promote her upcoming album Brat (out June 7). The pop star began by spinning tracks in the DJ booth at The Lot Radio, then went outside to dance on top of a car for a large crowd of fans.

It began at 7PM, after Charli tweeted the address of The Lot Radio an hour before. During the stunt, she teased a new single called “360,” which comes out May 10. There was a Brat mural on the side of VITAL Climbing Gym, and at one point someone smeared feces on it, which was captured on the livestream.

Next month Charli will be back in New York for a show at the Knockdown Center in Queens. She also recently performed a Boiler Room set.

Watch footage from Thursday below.

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