Deema's 'SE4' Video Is A Testament To Lockdown Inventiveness

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South London rapper Deema has shared the video for his new banger ‘SE4’.

The MC rose to prominence as a member of The Square alongside such artists as the Mercury nominated Novelist.

Going his own way, new EP ‘CHEW YOUR FOOD’ landed last month, trailed by thumping singles ‘HASH BROWN’ and ‘RAT RACE’.

There’s a sense of grime’s low-end dystopia in his work, but Deema also utilises a hip-hop bounce that stems from an adolescence spent listening to Nas and Wu-Tang Clan.

EP standout ‘SE4’ nails its colours to the mast, with Deema honing in on the sounds of South London.

The video was shot by Deema himself during lockdown, and it’s a testament to quarantine creativity.

An inventive, funny insight into the MC’s world, you can check it now.

‘CHEW YOUR FOOD’ EP is out now on Different Recordings.