DromFest ’24 Will Host The First Cell And Poem Rocket Sets In Decades

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The longstanding record label Dromedary is throwing its annual DromFest on Labor Day weekend in Catskill, NY. It’s highlighted by a bunch of great IYKYK indie bands of ’80s and ’90s vintage, topped off by headlining sets from the Figgs on Saturday, Aug. 31 and the Wrens offshoot Aeon Station on Sunday, Sept. 1. Also of note: The bands Poem Rocket and Cell will be reuniting for their first shows in decades. As a Columbus resident I must point out the inclusion of legends Scrawl and Moviola on Saturday. There’s also a Silkworm documentary screening and performances from King Missile, Sleepyhead, Thalia Zedek Band, Antietam, and more bands you probably love if you’re old and cool enough that you knew who Yo La Tengo were before they signed to Matador. Here’s the daily breakdown:

Saturday, August 31:

King Missile (Dog Fly Religion), Scrawl, Antietam, the Thalia Zedek Band, Poem Rocket, Moviola, Dew Claw (feat. Stephen Hunking of Hypnolovewheel and Chris Xefos of King Missile), Karyn Kuhl & the Gang, DJ sets and more

Sunday, September 1:

Aeon Station, Cell, Cathedral Ceilings, Sleepyhead, Tuscadero, Matt Hunter & the Dusty Fates, Human Hearts, Overheard, DJ sets plus a matinee screening of the outstanding documentary “Couldn’t You Wait: the Story of Silkworm,” by Seth Pomeroy

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