Duran Duran Delete Cybertruck Photo After Backlash

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It’s a pattern that will never grow old: A rich and/or famous person pays an absurd amount of money to acquire one of Tesla’s ugly-ass Cybertrucks as a flex, shows that Cybertruck off online, and is relentlessly clowned by the general public, who recognize that only an out-of-touch dipshit would want to associate themselves with such a vehicle. The latest celebs to demonstrate this lack of self-awareness are new wave legends Duran Duran.

As the Daily Dot points out, this week the band’s account on Threads posted a photo of Duran members Simon Le Bon and John Taylor in front of a Cybertruck, captioned, “You’ll never forget your first Tesla Cybertruck.” The post was swarmed with negative feedback regarding Cybertrucks and Tesla’s own Elon Musk, and eventually the band deleted it. Katy Krassner, who manages Duran Duran’s social footprint, wrote in her own Threads post that the truck does not belong to Le Bon or Taylor and that they posted the photo as a joke: “They stood in front of a friend’s truck because they thought it was funny. It wasn’t theirs. They didn’t get paid to post it. We certainly misjudged how strong the reaction would be.”

Now all we have are screenshots for posterity:

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In related news, Kid Rock had his own viral Cybertruck moment last weekend, just as his bonkers Rolling Stone interview was also beginning to circulate:


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