Enny Shares 'Peng Black Girls' Video

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London riser Enny has shared the full video for her new single ‘Peng Black Girls’.

It’s only her third ever release, but ‘Peng Black Girls’ is rapidly becoming a major statement, receiving across the board support.

Out now, it’s a soulful evocation of Black female beauty, a song about self-worth being defined on your own terms.

This push to break new ground and assert independence continues into the visuals, a powerful watch that turns ‘Peng Black Girls’ into a cross-discipline statement.

Directed by Otis Dominique, it’s a call for unity and empowerment for Black womanhood.

Enny comments:

“The pbg video is sort of an ode to being mult-dimensional. We can be classy cultured or hood’ but there’s no right or wrong way to be a black girl/woman…”

Tune in now.