Four Tet Announces A Festival Under The K Bridge In Brooklyn

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Four Tet has been doing big things lately. Last year, he got together with his friends Skrillex and Fred again.. to release big songs and play big venues. He also got together with William Tyler to release a great two-song EP. This year, Four Tet is apparently planning to release a new album; he dropped the single “Loved” last month. Now, Four Tet is apparently planning a big festival in an unlikely location.

This morning, Four Tet posted an announcement of a two-day “party” that’ll apparently happen under the K bridge in Brooklyn this May. At this point, we don’t know anything much else about the festival, beyond the lineup. There’s been no announcement about tickets or anything, and that Greenpoint location doesn’t honestly seem equipped to handle music-festival crowds. But I hope it happens! It looks very cool!

If that poster is to be believed, this Four Tet & Friends fest goes down 5/4-5, and Four Tet will play both days — two sets on the first day, an extended set the second day. The show will also feature Floating Points, Daphi, Avalon Emerson, Chloé Robinson, Ben UFO, and others. There’s also a teaser for “special guests,” so it’s not impossible that more-famous types like Skrillex and Fred again.. might be part of it. We’ll see!