Grimes Promises Better Performance At Coachella’s Second Weekend, Teases Return To Music After Nearly Retiring “To Do AI”

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Grimes’ DJ set at Coachella last weekend was marred by technical difficulties, forcing her to pause the show many times to troubleshoot and shriek in frustration. The electronic music iconoclast apologized shortly after, explaining that she’d “outsourced essential things like rekordbox bpm’s and letting someone else organize the tracks on the sd card.” Now she’s promising a better set for her second performance tonight, and teasing a return to music.

“I will cap the disarray at a maximum ten seconds per song – idk if there’s ever been a more rehearsed or fine tuned grimes set,” she wrote on X. “And I made another blackpink remix for good measure.”

“I HAVE FIGURED OUT WHAT HAPPENED AND IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN – we also have a bunch of surprises but this time they r good surprises,” she added on Instagram. “I will probably press the wrong button at least once tho – I get one sporadic button mishap per show.”

In response to an X reply saying she should’ve taken the first weekend seriously, she said, “We took it seriously weekend one too, I ran that set prob 1000 times and spent months in viduals and new music. I have the actual post Mortem if anyone cares but ima slay the next set first so it doesn’t seem like excuses.”

She added about the upcoming set, “At this point everything will be new besides a couple older mixes but I re did them anyway, my friend remixed oblivion and then I think 6 new songs – everything else is dj mixes I made w other ppls music too basically, I replaced the last song from the set that I didn’t lay my hands on in the last few months.” She also clarified that the setlist will be different from weekend one; she reworked the whole set.

Meanwhile, in recent TikTok comments, Grimes explained why she’s been absent from music and why it’s a DJ set instead of a regular performance. “I’m gna integrate some vocals and dancing back into the show. I won’t go into details but had a rly crazy year w my personal life, making sure babies have time and love, finally making music again,” she wrote. “I was gna retire and do ai, but slowly coming back to this too, live singing and samplers r a whole other chaos I wanna get used to being on stage again.” She added that her boyfriend (the DJ Anyma) is “jumpscaring me nonstop to make me immune to panic.”

Grimes’ Book 1 album was first teased in 2021, but despite some singles released it’s unclear if that’s still happening. Last year she said music had become her “side quest.”

Grimes takes the stage at Coachella’s Sahara at 7:10PT tonight. Watch last weekend’s chaos below.

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