Isabel LaRosa Shares Beautiful Short Film 'Heaven'

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Isabel LaRosa is an artist who wants to grapple with different disciplines.

Pop hewn from a darker hue, her music deals with paranoid mind-states and heartbreak, all while daring to look towards the light.

A narrative-driven lyricist, her new EP ‘I’m watching you’ features three songs that build together to display a stark message.

Lead single ‘HAUNTED’ was allowed to bleed into ‘HELP’, and the project finishes with the sense of resolution that ‘Heaven’ embodies.

Alongside the music, Isabel LaRosa has worked on three short films, a triptych that builds into a grander, over-arching narrative.

Discussing the EP, she comments: “It encapsulates the feeling of never escaping relationships or friendships that keep hurting you, even after they’re gone. Simultaneously, it describes the feeling of being an outsider looking in on other’s ‘normal’ teenage experiences.”

The short film for ‘Heaven’ closes the series, picking up on horror movie tropes while also touching on her own experiences.

Isabel adds: “The video trilogy depicts a girl being pursued by an unknown figure, and her progression of paranoia, leading to a tense conclusion in the final video ‘HEAVEN’. Both the songs and the videos in i’m watching you come from very personal experiences and capture the darker feelings of growing up, placed in one sonic and visual trilogy.”

Tune in now.

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