Kamal. Hits New Heights With 'autopilot'

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Kamal. digs deep on super-personal new song ‘autopilot’.

The rising force seems to make his statement with even more intensity on each passing release, and this new double-drop is no exception.

A double A-side, ‘about the party’ and ‘autopilot’ display a self-assured artist, one whose work stands on its own.

Hailing from Harlesden in NW London, Kamal. was brought up in a family where music was key, with his Caribbean-British parents spinning all kinds of sounds at gatherings.

New single ‘autopilot’ airs through Clash, and it’s a gorgeous listen – imagine a kind of UK-centric D’Angelo, or a kind of 2k20 Bill Withers sound and you’d be close.

The rolling snare rhythms nod towards the UK underground, infusing his soulful sound with the kind of grit only London truly provides.

Kamal. comments…

“I wrote and recorded ‘autopilot’ a year ago, feeling rough in the studio and reminiscing on the long journey home the previous night. Although it was written a week before ‘about the party’, it’s inspired by losing track of time on the way back from a motive, as the blurry effects in the video reflect. ‘about the party’ is almost a prologue to this song.”

Tune in now.