Kleo's 'Stomp His Ass Out' Is An Emphatic Return

Boston polymath Kleo has always wanted to create.

Inspired by trailblazing figures such as J. Cole and Tyler, the Creator, he’s plunged head-long into music, forging his own voice.

New single ‘Stomp His Ass Out’ is an emphatic return, one that ripples with energy.

A forceful, impactful document of his ambition, the single has an outlandish, cartoonish, almost anime type of physicality.

Speaking on the release he says:

“‘Stomp His Ass Out’ is a brash and ignorant song. It’s me letting out my anger about rappers who are just looking to fit in and lack talent as well as letting listeners learn about my life and my thoughts.”

The super new video is all action, and you can check it out below.