Liam Gallagher Says Andy Bell Is Wrong About Oasis Reunion And That We Must Move On “For Our Own Mental Health”

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Liam Gallagher alternates between fanning the flames of an Oasis reunion and shutting speculation down. Today he’s done the latter in response to Andy Bell of Ride and formerly Oasis (1999-2009), who appeared on a radio show a few days ago and speculated about a reunion of the legendary Britpop band. “I’m gonna say a qualified yeah, I think they will at the end of the day,” Bell said. “I don’t think it looks likely right now but I think life is long, innit?”

Liam Gallagher came across Bell’s comments after it made some headlines in the UK press and sent forth a tweet with some excellent verbiage: “Andy bell from ride the shoe gazing phenomenon should really not be getting people’s hopes up it’s not big and and it’s not clever LG x” (“Andy bell from ride the shoe gazing phenomenon”!)

In response to someone saying that Bell was just repeating what Liam has said in the past, Liam replied: “I’ve never mentioned oasis reunion it’s over we must all really move in for our own mental health.”