Mo Troper Denies Abuse Allegations In New Statement

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Earlier this week, Mo Troper was dropped by his label, management, and publicist following abuse allegations from ex-partner Maya Stoner, who puts out music as Floating Room. Troper deactivated his social media accounts following these allegations, but on Thursday afternoon reactivated them and released a statement denying the allegations.

“Over the past weekend I was blindsided by allegations of abuse by my ex Maya Stoner,” Troper wrote. “Due to privacy concerns and, frankly, paralyzing anxiety at the thought of interacting with this person in any way, I deleted my social media. These allegations are false. I was never physically abusive toward Maya, and I have never been physically abusive toward any partner.”

The statement continued:

My relationship with Maya was not healthy. We got into terrible arguments, I incited plenty of conflict, and I said some awful things, some of which have now been laid bare for the entire internet to see. It is true that I was dismissive of Maya’s autism diagnosis. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s as a kid and was resentful of the fact that Maya received support and compassion from her peers when I never did even though that door was open to me. (Maya acknowledges this in one of many screenshots, where she admits to a friend that I was “hateful of autism in a self-hating way.”) There were times when I was a huge, huge asshole and I can see that this behavior hurt Maya. I am sorry.

Maya has disparaged my “rock star career,” implying that the collateral damage from these accusations is inconsequential because music is not my primary source of income. This is not so — since last year I have been producing and engineering other peoples’ records full-time (although it is true I come from money). As a result of these allegations, sessions have been cancelled, recording contracts have been violated, and albums that were finished last year and slated for release have been put on ice. Many people are now out thousands of dollars due to Maya’s reckless and unsubstantiated allegations of abuse.

Over several days and literally hundreds of tweets Maya has outed by sex life (I did want to be cucked), my medical diagnoses and has talked about my body and habits in extremely derogatory ways. She has publicly revealed conversations I’d had with my therapist that I relayed to her in confidence and she has belittled my bipolar disorder. She has been repeatedly calling and harassing my friends, run some of them offline, and responded to all dissent with extreme aggression. She has weaponized psychoanalytic language and painted me as a monster on par with OJ Simpson.

What provoked all this was a quote I did not write in a bio for an album that most people have not heard, which Maya interpreted as me “bragging about being an abused.” Somehow that became proof that the entire album is a concept album about me being an abuser. That is not the case and only one of the songs on this album is explicitly about Maya, and it is about a time when she pushed me onto a bed and pinned me down and screamed in my face.

Through all this Maya has made no attempt to contact me. I do not believe this is about restoration — I believe it is about complete and utter destruction. She has attempted to cut me off from my support network now that my professional life has been destroyed. I do not wish any ill will toward Maya, nor do I have any desire to hurt her. I would like to assure her that nobody close to me feels that way, either. At this point I am simply asking for a little bit of mercy.