New Ambient Tribute To Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music Features Lou Barlow, Cory Hanson, W. Cullen Hart, & Mark Robinson

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Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music is getting a new ambient reimagining dubbed Metal Machine Muzak. The project, which was organized by Discograffiti creator and host Dave Gebroe, features Lou Barlow, Cory Hanson, W. Cullen Hart, and Mark Robinson each taking on a track from Reed’s 1975 album.

“For years now I’ve had the idea for a Hal Willner-esque compilation over which I’m fairly certain Lou might’ve had a chuckle,” Gebroe said. “Or maybe he’d have struck an ornery stance against it…it’s hard to say. Back in 1975, he released arguably the most demanding and pure distillation of noise imaginable. METAL MACHINE MUSIC still stands as the cornerstone against which all other howls of rage must be stacked.”

Check out a preview of the tribute album below.

Metal Machine Muzak is out 5/3 in both digital and vinyl versions. Pre-order details here and here.