Next Wave #927: Talk Show

From touring with Just Mustard to filling out festival stages this past summer, post-punk band Talk Show have had a whirlwind year to look back on.

All the band members moved from different corners of the country to eventually settle in London and that is part of what gives them their drive. In their eyes it was always bound to happen. They were never not going to take it serious but mention that it’s still an “insane amount of fun”.

It’s hard to pin the band to one particular genre. That might be because of their influences from all over the music spectrum. They claim to be most inspired by 80’s music which is something portrayed in the influences they name, such as Echo & the Bunnymen or New Order, but also genres like disco and soul.

“It’s not just one specific artist or basis,” they claim, and the band is very open to what they want to include as a reference. Their open interpretation to influences comes from a place of deeper awareness of continuing change. The different personalities and inspirations of the band members are bound to be included in their tracks because the songwriting process is and always will be a group effort. 

Talk Show find it “mad” that they’re already in the position where they are now. Reflecting on this, they chat to Clash about one instance at The Great Escape where they were playing in a tent which was filled to max capacity so that they had to work on a one in, one out basis. Humbled by their ever-growing crowds and sudden success they still have space to enlarge their minds with huge aspirations.

Lead singer Harrison Swann talks about one day headlining Glastonbury and playing Jools Holland but also in faraway countries such as Japan and America. He’s not one to embellish their goals and dreams but does go on to say that “it’s about creating something, meaningful. Something that will last the test of time.”

He conveys that their main focus is the music but wouldn’t shy away from big success and wants to see how far they can take it. The band who call themselves “mates” first and foremost are alluding that they have lots of exciting things to come but that for now gigging is the most import thing on their agenda.

Harrison explains their strategy as “we want to make sure that we put out music that we like and putting on shows that people and we enjoy”. So that even though they’ve taken the band as a serious outlet from the get go they still want to achieve some sort of pleasure out of it, so that ‘they can still have a laugh with it”.

Talk Show’s ‘big plan’ at this stage of their career is to get their name out there and to play in front of as many people as possible, before preparing a full EP. Truly, the enthusiasm and sincerity pours from this starting, eccentric band.  

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Words: Lauren deHollogne
Photo Credit: Matt Wylder

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