Noel Gallagher Defends His Refusal To Do The Poznań In Viral Video From Man City Game

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The Poznań, otherwise known as the Grecque, is a European football celebration in which fans turn their backs to the pitch, lock arms, and jump up and down. One of the clubs whose fans traditionally engage in this behavior is Manchester City, the English Premier League superpower beloved by brothers and Oasis co-founders Noel and Liam Gallagher. In widely circulated footage from Man City’s 4-0 win over Fulham Saturday, Noel can be seen among the visiting fans at Fulham’s stadium Craven Cottage, the lone holdout in a sea of City supporters locked in Poznań pandemonium. The Athletic’s Daniel Taylor posted the video in a tweet that reads, “Let’s be clear about this: Noel Gallagher doesn’t do the Poznan …”

Inevitably, Noel’s brother Liam commented on the incident via his heavily active Twitter account, describing it as “poor behavior.”

Now, speaking to the UK radio show talkSPORT, Noel has defended himself, explaining that he was in the midst of a severe hangover during the match. “I have to say, in my defense, on Saturday I was still feeling the effects of a rather spectacular night out,” Noel said, calling in to the show. “So even if I wanted to join in the Poznań, I don’t think I would have been able to.” The interview continued for another few minutes from there, getting into various Man City business, but the Poznań business is dealt with up front. Listen below.

Next time, Noel, do look back… in joy!