Norway's Beharie Returns With 'Me And My Lonely'

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Norway’s Beharie is a real multi-disciplinarian.

A lauded stage actor, his music works on several different levels, matching beatific arrangements to flecks of electronica.

His debut EP felt like a real moment, the work of a talented artist bringing his work into focus.

Moving forwards, new single ‘Me And My Lonely’ introduces fresh elements to his sound, that fusion of organic and digital.

Online now, it deals with loneliness and isolation, an apt topic during these lockdown times.

It’s sweet on the surface but deeply melancholic underneath, with Beharie commenting…

“‘Me And My Lonely’ is about loneliness. Not the physical concept of being alone, but the feeling of being lonely in a crowd. That feeling of being surrounded by people, but no one really knows who you are. The feeling of not belonging in a group, and that the only one who really knows you is the lonely one in your head.”

“It has taken me a long time to understand this feeling and being able to put them into words. A kind of absurd concept of being eager to tell a story but no-one gets to hear it, cause all your thoughts are locked up in your own head…”

Tune in now.

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