Preview Grimes’ Appearance In The PBS Docuseries A Brief History Of The Future

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Next week, a new six-part docuseries called A Brief History Of The Future will start to roll out on PBS. It’s advertised as a show that will “weave together history, science, and unexpected storytelling to expand our understanding about the impact that the choices we make today will have on our tomorrows.” Grimes was interviewed for the documentary, and there’s a clip of her appearance in which she talks about artificial intelligence and the future of music, something she likes to discuss.

“I think because we’re all alive, we all take it for granted that I can think and I have agency and I can feel. I think the universe is empty and quiet and it wants to be woken up and filled with beautiful things,” Grimes said in the clip. “When I started making music, there was sort of this revolution happening in music production, more people were being able to make music at home on their computers and I think there was a massive democratization of who was allowed to make music that, like, I took huge advantage of. That was fully the byproduct of technology.”

“And I think this is about to extend to all of art,” she continued. “You know, when I see some of the new stuff coming with AI, all this stuff that is about to explode, when everyone has the same tools that can make professional quality stuff, then you get to see the actual talent really rise to the top. If there’s ever a moment to have a feeling of purpose, I think it would be now. Because what we do in the things we create over the next few decades will probably shape all minds going forward for the rest of time.”

Here’s the clip:

Grimes also recently tweeted about AI:

The first episode of A Brief History Of The Future airs on PBS on April 5.