Raquel Kiaraa is Back At It With New Hit “We Know”

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The singer known to include multiple genres in her tracks is back with a bigger hit. Raquel Kiaraa has released her latest single titled “We Know.” This raw pop track is an accurate representation of the artist’s unparalleled Skills. She has also featured a compelling music video that perfectly delivers her homage. 

The video takes you on a trip as Raquel plays the role of a real-life Barbie with her Ken. The artist flawlessly talks about a much-deserved topic, as society is swiftly changing. The video is an accurate representation of how things can be seen on social media. The couple deceptively acts perfect, giving off the impression of happiness. The track and music video is set to showcase the reality of most online scenarios. Even if something may appear to be perfect, it does not necessarily mean that it actually is.

The artist behind “Release Me” is making new waves with yet another hit. Raquel is holding up her momentum with the track “We Know,” exhibiting another facet of her versatility. While the track may be considered a lighter approach than her usual releases, the artist still achieved to depict a complex topic with exceptional taste.