Tanya Tagaq Makes Acting Debut In True Detective: Night Country, Sings On Soundtrack Now Streaming

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The Inuk throat singer and experimental composer Tanya Tagaq made her acting debut in True Detective: Night Country, the latest season of the HBO anthology show. Tagaq appears as a doula in three episodes, including last night’s finale.

Last month, Tagaq talked to CBC about the experience of appearing on the show. She was inspired by watching series lead Jodie Foster act: “That is what lit the fire under my ass to want to do [acting] more. The camera started rolling and I got shivers from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet because [Jodie] transformed. I’m sorry, I can almost hardly talk about it because it just blew my mind!”

Tagaq was also involved with the show’s soundtrack, which was officially released last night to coincide with the finale. She worked with series composer Vince Pope and music supervisor Susan Jacobs. “We had a lot of fun,” says Tagaq. “They’d play the scene that they wanted me on, they had a screen, and I would react to what was on the screen.” She’s credited on a number of songs on the soundtrack.

Listen to that here:

Tanya Tagaq’s most recent album was 2022’s Tongues — we named it one of the best experimental albums from that year.