The Jesus And Mary Chain Announce New Memoir Never Understood

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The Jesus And Mary Chain have had a wild run over the past forty-plus years. Brothers William and Jim Reid grew up on a Scottish council estate, and they started a band whose noise-blasted fuzz-pop inspired multiple generations of music. Along the way, the group played notorious shows that devolved into violence, went through countless lineup changes, made a couple of hits, fell from favor, broke up, got back together, and saw their music become an eternal touchstone. Now, they’re telling their story.

Next week, the Jesus And Mary Chain will release Glasgow Eyes, their first new album in seven years. We’ve already posted the early tracks “jamcod,” “Chemical Animal,” and “Girl 71,” and the record is very much worth your time. But that’s not the only product that the Mary Chain will drop this year. This summer, they’ll also publish the memoir Never Understood: The Story Of The Jesus And Mary Chain, which the Reid brothers co-wrote with Ben Thompson.

Never Understood is named after the second Jesus And Mary Chain single, which came out in 1984. Jim Reid tells The Bookseller, “It’s got plenty of warts, we can assure you of that. In fact, it might be all warts.” In the UK, Never Understood is out 8/15 via White Rabbit. It’s out 9/3 in the US via Hachette Books. Pre-order it here.