The Kinks’ Dave Davies Will Get His Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Trophy Back After It Turned Up On eBay

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It’s hard being Dave Davies. The Kinks frontman had to ask Elon Musk to stop putting warnings on all of the band’s tweets last year. Today, he was disappointed to see his Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame trophy up for auction on eBay.

“I lost track of my award years ago and didn’t know where it was,” Davies explained on X. “If the person bought it at a storage unit it may have been [around] the time of my 2004 stroke when I was incapacitated in UK. I’m grateful to have made a full record from my stroke but it’s a shame that I wasn’t contacted. I’m assuming this is what happened.”

He continued, “We’ve written to the seller and are waiting to hear back. I don’t want to have to pay 12 grand to get my own award back but maybe we can work something out more reasonable.”

The seller, Colony Records, wrote Davies, “follow me and shoot me a message on X we will work it out.” The listing has since been taken down, so we can safely assume Davies will soon be reunited with his award at last.