Thom Southern's 'Perfect Someone' Is A Bittersweet Dream Pop Hymnal

There’s something truly engaging about Thom Southern’s songwriting.

A musician with a gilded touch, this Belfast-born, Liverpool-based artist drapes his every utterance in something melodic.

New single ‘Perfect Someone’ taps into those shoegaze influences, and from the opening note you feel it’s going to be something special, a sugar-coated dream pop hymnal.

Shoegaze-fuelled guitar pop thrills akin to Slowdive’s more direct moments or even Lush, the nagging two-note guitar riff sears a hole into your brain.

It’s a song about mistakes and regrets, one that is wrapped around some beautifully opaque melodies.

He comments…

“‘Perfect Someone’ is a bittersweet story of nostalgia and young love. I wanted to write a song about that moment when out of the blue an old romance pops into your head and takes you straight back to a specific time and place. The lyrics are about finding an old coat that hasn’t been worn in years with a photograph inside one of the pockets. You remember how good that day was but inevitably you know it will never be the same again.”

Out now, we’ve grabbed a neat performance clip featuring Thom Southern blasting through ‘Perfect Someone’ – tune in now.