Tied Down Fest 2024 Lineup Has Have Heart, Drain, Youth Of Today, Terror, So Much More Hardcore

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Today, two huge annual hardcore festivals announced their lineups, and both of them are topped by Have Heart, the Boston straight-edge cult heroes who are back and playing their first shows since their last reunion in 2019. LA’s Sound And Fury is the bigger of the two festivals; it’s probably the biggest North American hardcore fest in history. But don’t sleep on the Detroit festival Tied Down, which looks like a very serious mosh marathon.

Tied Down goes down 6/1-2 at Detroit’s Russell Industrial Center — exactly the kind of forbidding industrial edifice where you want to spinkick your best friend. This time, Have Heart share headlining duties with Drain, the Bay Area band who have become legends in their own time. Along with Have Heart, the lineup also features plenty of other once-again-active bands who made classics in different eras, including Youth Of Today, Killing Time, 100 Demons, Pity Sex, Soul Search, Twitching Tongues, and Weekend Nachos. Terror, veteran monsters who have never gone inactive, are also right up at the top of the bill.

The rest of the lineup is way less diverse and way heavier than what you’ll find at Sound And Fury. The current acts on the bill include No Pressure, Angel Du$t, God’s Hate, Never Ending Game, COA, Division Of Mind, End It, Ends Of Sanity, Gates To Hell, Hold My Own, Ingrown, Laid 2 Rest, Seed Of Pain, Three Knee Deep, Trail Of Lies, Balmora, Cosmic Joke, Move, and Risk. There are also a couple of band logos on there that I simply cannot read. You can find the relevant details here.