Track Of The Day 27/1 – Kidä

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Kidä is a true polymath, someone capable of drawing together vastly different disciplines into one places.

She’s extremely sought after in all those areas, but music remains a place of exploration and solace in her life.

Incoming EP ‘Burn To Make It Glow’ dances to her own tune, emanating a rare, and precocious form of creative light.

Debut single ‘Kneel On You’ made a deep impression on its release a few weeks ago, psychotropic pop utilising a digital palette.

New single ‘The Garden’ paints with daubs of electronic sound, but Kidä is always careful to impact her own personality.

A song about “the reckless pursuit of growth and goodbyes”, it revels in drawing things to a close.

Says Kidä: “It’s about important endings and the bravery it takes to joyfully explore the afterlife of that…”

Visual artist Luke Jascz works on the video, which transplants the music of Kidä into a startling new realm.

As she puts it: “‘The Garden’ is a place where growth is inevitable and life forges ahead…”

Tune in now.