Watch Chappell Roan Make Her Ultra-Theatrical TV Debut, Singing “Red Wine Supernova” On Colbert

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Chappel Roan has big things ahead of her. Last year, the Missouri-born pop artist released The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess, the very good debut album that she recorded with Olivia Rodrigo producer Dan Nigro, and she was one of Stereogum’s favorite new artists of 2023. This year, Roan will play a bunch of festivals and open much of Rodrigo’s arena tour. And last night, Roan made her TV debut on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. She made it count.

On Colbert, Chappell Roan sang her very catchy single “Red Wine Supernova” and nailed some big notes. But the music side of things seemed almost secondary. Roan went all the way over the top with her performance. She dressed in frilly bridal lingerie, sitting in a giant heart that was sitting on fluffy pink clouds, and she gave off silent-film-star energy.

The stage set included more hearts, more clouds, and a backing band who rocked that same kind of Moulin Rouge-looking outfit. As the song ended, Roan collapsed to the floor. Colbert: “Stay there. You’ve done enough.” Watch it below.

The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess is out now on Amusement/Island.