Watch Chappell Roan Perform An Awesome, Mega-Theatrical “Good Luck, Babe!” & Reflect On Her Come-Up On Fallon

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Right now, Chappell Roan is in the midst of a rare, dizzying pop-star ascent, and she seems to hit a new level every week. With festival crowds thronging her afternoon sets, you can see it happen in real time. Last night, Roan went on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, and she’s already reached the point where she does a couch interview as well as a performance.

In her capacity as a musical guest, Chappell Roan sang “Good Luck, Babe!,” the recent single that helped spur her sudden rise. Roan brings a sense of heavily costumed theatricality to every performance, but she really dials it up for the TV ones. This time, she went for a kind of Swan Lake ballet thing, or maybe a Black Swan ballet thing. Her hair was very blonde for this one. I don’t think I’ve seen that from her yet. Amazing nail situation, too.

She’s never reminded me of Kate Bush quite as much as she did this time, singing on TV in a frilly white tutu while dry-ice fog billows all around her. She also sang the hell out of the song. The big note on the final “hate to say I told you so” is the kind of thing that should get you out of your seat.

In her interview, Roan wore an entirely different costume, lightly clowned Jimmy Fallon, and talked about how quickly she’s taken off. (She says she only started paying her rent with music stuff about a year ago.) Fallon also brought up how Google search results for Chappell Roan’s name bring up the line “did you mean your favorite artist’s favorite artist?” Roan says that was probably “this random twink that works at Google.” Watch the performance and the interview below.