Watch Taylor Swift Teach Post Malone How Typewriters Work

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On her song “The Tortured Poets Department,” Taylor Swift sang about someone leaving a typewriter at her apartment. You were supposed to understand who she was singing about, but if you didn’t quite get it, here’s a clue: It was not Post Malone. Because Post Malone didn’t know shit about typewriters until Taylor Swift showed him.

Earlier this year, Taylor Swift recruited Post Malone for “Fortnight,” the opening track and lead single from her blockbuster album The Tortured Poets Department. (Posty announced his own probably-blockbuster album F-1 Trillion today, and Swift appeared on Gracie Abrams’ “Us.”) Swift directed her own “Fortnight” video, in which she rocks fake versions of Post Malone’s face tats. The clip also has Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles cameos, and it’s got Post Malone using a typewriter. For that to happen, Post Malone had to learn how to use a typewriter.

Today, Taylor Swift shared a making-of clip about the “Fortnight” video. Its not terribly interesting, but there’s a cute moment where Post Malone seems very happy to learn what a typewriter does. The cameras capture the following exchange.

Post Malone: “All you do is move it! This is amazing. I feel very, uhhh, steampunk. I love steampunk.”

Taylor Swift: “Nothing like working typewriters! Millennials don’t see that shit!”

Post Malone: “How you get a shift? Oh, what the hell! Badass. I’m buying this right now. This is so much fun. Y’all shouldn’t have let me play with it.”

If Post Malone suddenly amasses a Tom Hanks-style typewriter collection, this is where it started. Look, man, I don’t know. Scott told me to write this. The making-of video is below.

In related news, Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams recently figured out how to work a fire extinguisher. Pop stars: Always learning things!