Watch Danielson’s “Come And Save Me” Video Starring Fred Armisen

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For the 2021 movie Electric Jesus, about a fictional ’80s religious metal band called 316, Daniel Smith of the quirky Christian underground rock band Danielson wrote a bunch of fake Christian hair metal songs. The film’s soundtrack also included “Come And Save Me,” an epic eight-minute Danielson song in the band’s usual theatrical indie-pop style (i.e. more like Danielson pal Sufjan Stevens’ early work, not like the hair metal pastiche of 316). “Come And Save Me” uses lyrics penned by Larry Norman, the cult-favorite Jesus People singer-songwriter whose rapture ballad “I Wish We’d All Been Ready” has been covered by artists like DC Talk and Jordin Sparks.

Three years later, “Come And Save Me” has been transplated into a different video project: a short film by director Chris White, starring SNL/Portlandia guy and indie-rock gadabout Fred Armisen, about the importance of community. “The post-pandemic world suffers from a residual loneliness epidemic,” White says. “It was important to Daniel, Fred, and me to make a film that not only served the song, but also served its audience in a meaningful way. ‘Come And Save Me’ reminds us that the mental, emotional, spiritual relief so many of us seek can be found.”

In the video, Armisen’s character Hugo spends a lot of time feeling alone at his apartment during Zoom meetings. One day, he ventures out into the world and doesn’t quite know how to handle himself. Later that night, he stumbles into a Danielson concert and finds loving acceptance. Watch the video below.