Watch Former Gymnast SZA Do Handstands With Simone Biles

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This past weekend, extremely busy human being SZA headlined Glastonbury, played London’s Hyde Park, and played a sexy bug alien in her “Storytime” teaser. (LANA, which might be an SOS deluxe edition or an entirely new album is apparently still on the way, though it remains mysterious.) Somewhere along the way, SZA found time to compare gymnastics skills with American Olympic hero Simone Biles.

Right now, Simone Biles is gearing up for her third Olympics, and she continues to do amazing things at the Olympic trials. (At 27, Biles will be the oldest gymnast to compete at the Olympics since the 1950s.) SZA has a background in gymnastics, and she recently filmed a promotional spot with Biles for NBC’s Olympics coverage. In the clip, SZA drops buy Biles’ World Champions Centre in Texas, and the two of them talk about gymnastics and get into a handstand competition.

SZA gushes over Biles, saying that it’s a dream to meet her. When Biles asks her about her own time as a gymnast, SZA says, “When it was clear to me that I wasn’t gonna be a national gymnast, I was like, ‘OK, let me see what I can do or see what else I could be good at’… I needed something I could be competitive at.” Then, she and Biles do handstands together and almost crash into each other while giggling. It’s very cute! Watch it below.

Also, at the first day of the Olympic Trials in Minneapolis last week, Biles used Taylor Swift’s “…Ready for It?” in floor routine: