Watch Jason Isbell Tell Killers Of The Flower Moon Fart Story & Play Solo-Acoustic “Cast Iron Skillet” On The Daily Show

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As you are probably aware, The Daily Show has been through some big changes lately. Jon Stewart is back at his old job, hosting the show, but only on Monday nights. The rest of the week, different Daily Show correspondents take over hosting duty. Jason Isbell is an old hand at the late-night talk-show grind, and he was on Trevor Noah’s version of The Daily Show multiple times. Last night, Isbell returned to the show to chop it up with Thursday-night host Desi Lydic.

Jason Isbell’s personal life has been in the news recently, but he wasn’t on The Daily Show to talk about that, and he didn’t mention it. Instead, he was there to promote Killers Of The Flower Moon, the Martin Scorsese film in which he’s shockingly good, and his own 2023 album Weatervanes. Isbell is a reliably charming talk-show guest, and he joked about how Scorsese saved dialect-coach money by casting him and then told a funny story about a crew member farting in the middle of a tense scene. He also played a tender solo-acoustic version of “Cast Iron Skillet,” one of the highlights from Weathervanes. Watch the interview and the performance below.

Last week, Jason Isbell also joined Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds onstage at Mexico’s Riviera Maya Festival, and the three of them played the Neil Young epic “Cortez The Killer.” Isbell covered that same song with Dinosaur Jr. in Brooklyn last December. Here’s a fan video:

Weathervanes is out now on Isbell’s own Southeastern label.