Bandcamp's Waived Fees Result In $7.1M In Sales For Artists

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Bandcamp’s second day of waived revenue sharing resulted in fans spending millions of dollars on its website. The company announced it racked up $7.1 million in sales on Friday (May 1), all of which went directly to the artists selling their music and merch on the streaming platform.

“Update on last Friday’s campaign: Fans paid artists $7.1 million in just 24 hours ($2.8m more than March 20th),” Bandcamp revealed via Twitter. “Thank you for supporting artists impacted by Covid-19, and mark your calendars for the next.”

Bandcamp has waived its fees twice since the COVID-19 pandemic led to shutdowns around the world, allowing artists to take home 100 percent of profits from sales on the streaming service’s site and app.

The company plans to drop its revenue sharing on two more occasions in the coming months.

Bandcamp Schedules Multiple Days Of Waived Fees To Support Artists During COVID-19 Pandemic

Fans interested in supporting artists during the waived fees period have the opportunity to do so on June 5 and July 3. Like the previous two fundraisers, Bandcamp will stop its revenue sharing for a 24-hour window beginning at midnight Pacific time.

Artists can create free Bandcamp accounts here. Labels can sign up for $20 a month with the ability to upload music from up to 15 artists.

Hip Hop has stepped up during the pandemic with many artists contributing to their hometown communities. Eminem recently donated “Mom’s Spaghetti” to local Detroit healthcare workers, JAY-Z and Rihanna’s foundation donated $2 million towards COVID-19 relief efforts, Lil Durk handed out meals to frontline workers in Chicago and Diddy has hosted multiple virtual town-halls to discuss pressing issues during the pandemic.