Boosie Badazz Confronts Man For 'Disrespecting' A Woman: 'I'll Beat Yo Ass'

Boosie Badazz will come to the defense of someone who needs it, and fans saw that in a recent video clip where the rapper checked a man who was berating a woman.

In the video shared on social media, Boosie barked at a bearded gentleman outside of a hotel for “disrespecting” a female. It’s unclear what led to the incident, but the Louisiana native wasn’t having any of it.

“I’m a man. You not going to talk to me like that, I’ll beat the fuck out you,” Boosie warned the guy. “You ain’t going to talk to her like that. I will beat yo ass if you talk to me like that. You not going to disrespect no woman like that, bro.”

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At one point, someone from Boosie’s team crept up on the side of the man while rotating his arm as if he were getting ready to knock him out. Fortunately, the incident didn’t result in fists being thrown, but a few of Boosie’s peers wanted to see a show.

“Wind it up!,” DDG commented on The Shade Room’s Instagram post, while Lil Mama wrote, “Boosie Mans That Rotated his Shoulder Was On Go.”

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Boosie took to Twitter on Thursday (June 23) to provide more context to the viral clip. According to the Baton Rouge rapper, he came to the woman’s defence after the man allegedly tried to intimidate her, despite her issuing an apology.

“The reason I told that man that because he backed a woman down until she could do nothing,” he explained. “He kept approaching her after she said sorry. Then he said no you go apologize to my wife too he was doing the most don’t let the video fool u.”

Defending women isn’t the only thing that makes Boosie Badazz a gentleman. He also looks out for them when it comes to getting freaky, as fans saw earlier this month when Boosie requested three men who are down to suck female toes at his pool party.

“A lot of these girls been talking about they want their toes sucked at the party,” Boosie said. “And you know I gotta get it for ’em so, uh, I need 3 n-ggas who are gonna suck some toes. You gon’ get money the girls gon’ pay you. But I need some toe suckers. 710 topless pool party, link in my bio.”